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Archipelago tour Bengtskär

Date: Vendredi 27 avr. 2018 - samedi 27 oct. 2018

Experience the Finnish archipelago like never before. We offer daycruises and eveningsailings with nordic sailing & motoryachts from distiguished brands like XO, Targa, Nimbus, Norlin and Tristan.
Book a charter trip to Bengtskär. Finlands biggest lighthouse

From Hanko we offer different water sports like wakeboard, water skiing and fishing trips. If you are looking for something more relaxing visit Finland ́s longest beach, one of all the lighthouses or one of the many islands from UNESCO ́s list. Also offering day trips to Örö, Bengtskär and Högsåra where Farmors café is located. End your day at Regatta spa or visit one of the Hanko restaurants located in the old buildings by the docks. Want more of the sea life book a week’s trip to Åland and experience the finnish archipelago on the way there.

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