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Archipelago cruise

Date: Samedi 30 juin 2018 - samedi 11 août 2018 Voir la carte

Join the archipelago cruise and visit the islands of Gustavsvärn and Hauensuoli (Pike´s Gut).

Gustavsvärn is the best kept part of a four-part larger whole of fortresses outside Hanko. The little islet contains the ruins of a fortress built by the Swedes in the late 18th century, as well as a lighthouse from 1951. The attendant’s house is well kept and looked after by the Finnish Lighthouse Society, who sell souvenirs there in the summer.

Hauensuoli is a narrow strait between the islands Tullholmen and Kobben outside Tulliniemi. There are over 640 kept rock carvings on the island. “The visitor’s book of the archipelago” consists of names and coats of arms of nobility, soldiers and tradesmen. The earliest ones are from the 16th century.

Cruises on Tuesdays and Saturdays during 30.6-13.8.2018. Departure from the ST1 quay in the Eastern Harbour at 14. The duration of the cruise is approx. 2 hours.

Price: Adults 25 euro, children (4-14 years) 10 euro.
Min. amount passengers: 6 persons. Cruises are contingent on weather.

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distance: 1,2 km
Cozy guesthouse in the center of Hanko
Boarding house


distance: 18,4 km
Sjömansro is located in beautiful surroundings by the sea in Lappohja, halfway between Hanko and Tammisaari. One apartment and 7 double rooms with kitchen, toilet and shower, wifi.